Hello, my name is Randy McCabe and I am a sculptor. I work primarily in stone, metal and wood. For 40 years, I’ve dedicated my life to art.  I was asked by a friend, to create an ash urn for his mother. I was quite humbled at this request. It was an opportunity to use my knowledge of casting, carving, finishing and overall design techniques to create a piece of art which had such a sincere function of a burial urn.  

Researching this subject, I found myself trying to understand more about ancient funeral urn design elements of proportion, color, and material choices, in order to achieve the level of elegance and simplicity required for this classic funeral urn.  I have designed 5 cremation urns to initiate the series. It was a very uplifting experience and I hope you find a memorial urn here that will inspire you as well.  Thanks For Looking at my Custom Cremation Urn site,

Randy McCabe