1.  Turn the urn over and place it gently on a soft surface and pour in the ash until it reaches the full line.

2. Take the plug in one hand and apply a 1/4” bead of the included white calking to the black line until the line is completely covered.  

3. Make sure the inside of the urns angled edge is free of ash. Then, line up the black dots and carefully lower plug to the fit position.

4. When the plug is in it’s final fit, press with light firmness, letting the caulking come out of the seam.

5. With a damp sponge of warm water clean off all excess caulking. try to not get any excess caulking onto the outside surface.

6. After you’ve completed sealing the urn, let it cure for 8 hours.  

7.  Place the felt pads on each bottom corner of the urn for protection.